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Encrusting Green Montipora

Encrusting Green Montipora

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Looking for a stunning and hardy coral to add to your reef tank? Look no further than the beautiful Green Montipora Coral!

This gorgeous coral features vibrant green hues that will add a stunning pop of color to your aquarium. Its unique, branching growth pattern creates a dynamic and visually interesting display, making it a standout addition to any reef system.

But the Green Montipora Coral isn't just a pretty face - it's also incredibly hardy and easy to care for. With the right tank specifications, you can enjoy this beautiful coral for years to come.

To care for your Green Montipora Coral, we recommend the following tank specifications:

  • Lighting: This coral prefers moderate to high lighting conditions, so we recommend using LED lights with a spectrum of 450-500 nm and a PAR value of 200-300.

  • Water Flow: The Green Montipora Coral thrives in moderate to strong water flow, so aim for a turnover rate of 10-20 times per hour.

  • Water Parameters: This coral prefers stable water conditions, with a temperature range of 75-80°F, a pH range of 8.1-8.4, and a salinity range of 1.025-1.026.

With these tank specifications in place, your Green Montipora Coral is sure to thrive. And not only will it add beauty to your reef tank, but it also provides a valuable source of nutrition for your fish and other invertebrates.

So why wait? Add a Green Montipora Coral to your aquarium today and enjoy its beauty and hardiness for years to come!

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