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Blue (Linkia) Starfish; Fiji

Blue (Linkia) Starfish; Fiji

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The Blue Starfish, scientifically known as Linckia laevigata, is a stunning marine invertebrate that adds a touch of elegance to a saltwater aquarium. Found in the waters of Fiji and other Pacific regions, this starfish species is highly sought after for its vibrant blue coloration and graceful appearance.

The Blue Starfish features a smooth and elongated body with five slender arms radiating outward, giving it the classic star shape. The coloration of this starfish can vary from light blue to deep cobalt blue, with some individuals displaying shades of purple or gray. Its vivid color makes it a captivating centerpiece in an aquarium.

It's important to note that the Blue Starfish can undergo a process called "autotomy" in response to stress or changes in water conditions. This means that it has the ability to voluntarily shed one or more of its arms as a defense mechanism. However, unlike some other starfish species, the Blue Starfish cannot regenerate lost arms. Therefore, it's crucial to provide stable and pristine water conditions to minimize stress and maximize the starfish's chances of long-term survival.

The Blue Starfish requires a well-established aquarium with pristine water quality, stable salinity, and proper filtration. It thrives in a tank with ample hiding places, such as live rock formations or crevices, where it can find refuge and explore. Additionally, a sandy substrate is recommended to provide a natural environment for the starfish to move and forage.

Feeding the Blue Starfish can be a bit challenging, as it primarily relies on natural microorganisms and algae present in the aquarium for sustenance. However, if the available food sources are insufficient, supplemental feedings with small meaty foods, such as small pieces of shrimp or fish, may be necessary. It's important to avoid overfeeding, as excess food can lead to water quality issues.

When it comes to tank mates, the Blue Starfish is generally peaceful and can coexist with a variety of other marine species. However, caution should be exercised with certain fish species that may prey on starfish or nip at their arms. It's also important to avoid housing multiple Blue Starfish together, as they may compete for space and resources, leading to potential stress and aggression.

In summary, the Blue Starfish is a stunning addition to a saltwater aquarium, particularly for those who appreciate its vibrant blue coloration and graceful presence. With proper care, including stable water conditions, appropriate feeding, and a suitable environment, the Blue Starfish can thrive and become a beautiful focal point in your marine tank.

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