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Turquoise Eye Orange Favia

Turquoise Eye Orange Favia

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The Turquoise Eye Orange Favia is a magnificent coral species that displays a captivating combination of colors and patterns. This unique Favia coral features a vibrant orange base with stunning turquoise-colored eyes, creating a mesmerizing contrast that is sure to catch the eye of any reef enthusiast.

The distinct turquoise-colored eyes of this Favia coral are its most striking feature. These eye-like structures, also known as corallites, are surrounded by a contrasting orange background, enhancing their visual impact. The intricate patterns and textures on the surface of the coral add to its overall beauty and appeal.

Caring for the Turquoise Eye Orange Favia requires providing it with suitable tank conditions. Place the coral in a well-established reef aquarium with stable water parameters. Maintain a temperature range of 75°F to 80°F (24°C to 27°C) and a specific gravity of 1.024 to 1.026. It is also important to ensure proper water flow and lighting intensity, as Favia corals thrive in moderate to high light levels.

Feeding the Turquoise Eye Orange Favia can be accomplished through a combination of photosynthesis and supplemental feeding. Like other coral species, it has a symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae algae that provide nutrition through photosynthesis. However, it can also benefit from regular feedings of small particulate foods, such as plankton or specially formulated coral foods, to support its growth and coloration.

Proper placement within the aquarium is essential for the well-being of the Turquoise Eye Orange Favia. Choose a location that provides optimal lighting and water flow, ensuring the coral receives adequate nutrition and maintains its vibrant colors. Securely attach the coral to a stable substrate or rockwork, allowing it room to expand and grow.

As the Turquoise Eye Orange Favia continues to grow, it may develop additional eyes and expand its colony. Regular observation and maintenance are necessary to prevent overgrowth and competition with neighboring corals. Prune and frag the coral as needed to maintain its shape and promote healthy growth.

With its vibrant orange base and striking turquoise eyes, the Turquoise Eye Orange Favia is a stunning addition to any reef aquarium. Its unique coloration and patterns create a focal point in the tank, adding a touch of elegance and vibrancy to your underwater landscape. With proper care and suitable tank conditions, this Favia coral will thrive and become a captivating centerpiece in your reef aquarium.

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