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Electric Eye Scallop

Electric Eye Scallop

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The Electric Eye Scallop, scientifically known as Mimachlamys spp., is a fascinating and visually striking bivalve species that adds a vibrant pop of color to marine aquariums. With its unique electric blue eyespots and intricate shell patterns, this scallop is sure to captivate the attention of any observer.

The Electric Eye Scallop features a flat, fan-shaped shell adorned with intricate patterns and markings. What sets it apart are the electric blue eyespots located near the hinge of the shell. These eyespots, resembling glowing orbs, create a mesmerizing visual effect and give the scallop its distinctive name.

In terms of care, providing the Electric Eye Scallop with suitable conditions is crucial for its well-being. They require a well-established marine aquarium with stable water parameters, including temperature, salinity, and pH levels. It is important to ensure proper water flow and filtration to maintain excellent water quality.

Placement is also essential for the Electric Eye Scallop. It should be securely attached to a stable substrate or rockwork using a specialized aquarium adhesive or placed in a scallop-specific enclosure. This ensures that the scallop remains stationary and prevents it from being dislodged or damaged by water movement.

Feeding the Electric Eye Scallop is relatively straightforward as they are filter feeders. They extract microscopic particles from the water using their ciliated gills. However, supplementing their diet with liquid or particulate food designed for filter-feeding invertebrates can provide them with additional nutrition. It is important to research and select suitable food sources to meet their dietary requirements.

Regular monitoring of water parameters, along with routine water changes and maintenance, is necessary to ensure optimal conditions for the Electric Eye Scallop. This includes maintaining stable temperature and salinity levels, monitoring water flow, and keeping the tank clean from excess debris or waste.

The Electric Eye Scallop is a delicate species that requires gentle handling and minimal physical disturbance. Avoid exposing them to sudden changes in temperature or water quality, as well as rough handling or excessive manipulation. These precautions will help prevent stress and ensure the scallop's well-being.

It is important to note that while the Electric Eye Scallop is a visually stunning addition to an aquarium, it may not be suitable for all setups. Due to their unique requirements and sensitivity to environmental changes, they are best suited for experienced marine aquarium keepers who can provide the necessary care and attention.

In conclusion, the Electric Eye Scallop is a captivating and visually striking bivalve species that can enhance the beauty of a marine aquarium. With proper care, including suitable water conditions, appropriate feeding, and careful maintenance, the Electric Eye Scallop can thrive and become a focal point in your aquatic display, showcasing its mesmerizing electric blue eyespots and intricate shell patterns.

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