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Bicolor Angel; Fiji - Centropyge bicolor

Bicolor Angel; Fiji - Centropyge bicolor

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The Asfur Angel, scientifically known as Pomacanthus asfur, is a remarkable fish that hails from the pristine waters of the Red Sea. With its vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and graceful presence, this adult specimen is a true gem in the world of marine aquariums.

Appearance: The Asfur Angel showcases a mesmerizing combination of colors and patterns. Its body is adorned with a deep royal blue shade, while its dorsal and anal fins display a striking yellow hue. This vibrant coloration is further accentuated by a unique array of white and black stripes extending across its body, creating a visually captivating display that commands attention.

Personality and Behavior: This adult Asfur Angel exudes an air of elegance and tranquility. It possesses a calm and docile nature, making it an excellent addition to peaceful community tanks. It gracefully swims through the water, showcasing its regal beauty and captivating onlookers with its serene presence.

Lifespan: When provided with proper care, the Asfur Angel can live for several years in a well-maintained aquarium. With a balanced diet, optimal water conditions, and a stress-free environment, this species can thrive and grace your tank with its majestic presence for a significant part of your aquatic journey.

Diet: The Asfur Angel is omnivorous, meaning it enjoys a varied diet. It thrives on a combination of high-quality marine-based flakes, pellets, and frozen foods. Supplementing its diet with fresh vegetables and occasional live or frozen meaty treats, such as brine shrimp and mysis shrimp, will ensure its nutritional needs are met.

Tank Level and Compatibility: The Asfur Angel prefers a well-decorated tank with plenty of open swimming space. It appreciates the presence of live rock formations and coral structures that mimic its natural habitat. Exercise caution when selecting tankmates, as the Asfur Angel can be territorial and may exhibit aggression towards other similarly shaped or colored fish. It is best suited for larger aquariums with ample space for all inhabitants to establish their territories.

Average Online Cost: The average cost of an adult Asfur Angel can vary depending on factors such as size, health, and availability. As of the latest data, the average online cost for this stunning fish ranges from $200 to $400. Prices may vary among different suppliers and regions.

Invite the captivating beauty of the adult Asfur Angel into your aquarium, and let its majestic presence transform your aquatic realm into a visual masterpiece. With its vibrant colors, tranquil demeanor, and remarkable grace, this Red Sea gem will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of admiration in your aquatic sanctuary.

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