Measuring your tank's levels is everything

Measuring your tank's levels is everything

Okay, so now you have your tank populated and it looks great. It's thriving, your fish are happy and your coral are happy. 

But your levels are not infinitely stable. As was mention in our First Tank post, the smaller your tank, the easier it is for your levels to get out of balance, but that doesn't mean that large tanks are completely safe. Large tanks can crash like the titanic if you don't manage your levels correctly. 

What do we actually mean by levels?

Your tank's levels include its calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, nitrates, phosphates, temperature, salinity, and a few other things. 

Keeping these levels stable and balanced is the key to a happy fish life and a happy coral life. So how is it done?

The first thing you will need is some tester kits because after all if you can't test your water, how will you know what is going on inside the tank

When taking measurements, you need to try to as accurate and scientific as possible. The more precise your measurement, the better off you will be. 

Once you know what the levels, you can know take steps to correct your tank for the optimal environment to keep everything alive. 

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